Saturday, March 17, 2007


It was our anniversery last sunday, and i couldn't be home so i flew patti to the next day off which happen to be Chicago My favorite person in my favorite the first place we went to for lunch was

And we got some really good chicago style stuffed pizza mmmm....and my beautiful wife in the back ground..

We then walking around the town trying to find things to spend money on...cause we have so much...
and while being sarcastic about shopping and spending money we find the something that changed my mind
the Cubs Club House

After a long day of shopping for shoe's and trying to find stuff to buy...we had dinner plans yay....we got dressed up sortof

and we walked in our new shoe's that hurt our feet to a place called The Signature Room @ 95th.
it was a building that was .... well

and the view was amazing...

and the food yea it was awesome..

THEN.................the next day we found a really cool irish place to eat...

And my wife in her new Cubs jacket..

And the freaking Fish and chips was ahahagagahhaghagghahgag!!(In case your wondering thats me drooling again) Outstanding!!

As Patti gives me the look of put the camera down and eat your food! hahaha

Then we walked around some more and spent more money...

Patti met some pretty cool people in Chicago

And then Patti was nice enough to let me go were i wanted to go and was Awesome!!! The Coach!!

Over all it was an Amazing first Anniversery


Integrity Lighting, inc. said...

DUDE!! That chick is hot ! But that Pizza ..... oh that pizza is sexy!

Brody Harper said...


Good to see you had fun.