Wednesday, May 23, 2007

why haven't I been posting??

well it's been a while and that's just stupid, but i want to reflect on the things that have been going on!

Patti was able to go home to FL for mothers day, so I sent my mom a gift with Patti cause I wasn't able to go..Patti was able to get a pic of my mom with her cool new gift

Yea i got her a wireless router cheesy but it's something she wanted

The reason I wasn't able to go tot FL was cause I was taking pictures of my new favorite band Lynden check em out... .... here's a pic of them having a meeting if you want to see more go thier myspace...

and finally, I started working with a Video Co. to work on thier LED wall

i know it doesn't look like much but i wanted everybody to see the view that i saw 2 days straight.

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