Saturday, June 30, 2007

Do You Smell Something Burning?

Well I have plenty to talk about today.

starting with waking up and brushing my teethe, then remembering that I need to go to the truck and work on a case that sortof got wedged between two other cases during the 45 degree up hill road from the stage to the road. Which you would think no big deal right? Well it turned out to be close to 45 min. later and a soaked t-shirt, we got the case safely on the floor.

I forgot to mention that each case weighs 900 pounds each

now the thing you need to be looking at in this picture, is my thought process of straps and load bars that are holding the case from slamming into the floor and making a bigger yet headache for me. (yup that's right folks genius) but only after taking the picture laughing about it to ease the tension, I then realize well what?

But for a long story short I'll show the end result, which I can't take all the credit for the cases safety, it also goes to Chris which is in the picture with me, and Roger who's not in the pic, and Matt who I made take the picture in a very dictating manor! haha not really...(but seriously)

After all that we got to the venue, sat around for a while waiting for the show to start, we didn't know why they weren't starting so we went looking for a schedule, only to find that it was posted right there in front us the whole time
not sure how we missed that. but there it is...

Finally for the best part of the day, when I made dinner for the guys on the grill, that's right Chef Culmer...
My fork started to bend...(Sigh)
I know it doesn't look like much but I make a mean Hot dog, there were Hamburgers too! I promise!

I didn't get one complaint.

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Brody Harper said...

Speaking of fire... did you hear about Reliant K's bus catching on fire? Apparently it was a "side of the road, hurry and get out because the bus is burning up" kind of moment.