Friday, July 13, 2007

it's mostly the 80's

So this festival is so 80's that everybody looks like they just stepped out of time machine, the question I keep asking is that what do these guys do for a living when they don't play 80's style music? I'm not really sure?
And for those of you that remember the 80's. (you know who you are this pic screams 80's)

On a different note it rained something fierce today and as we all tried to get out of the rain and I was trying to get everything covered and make sure everything find I didn't get wet all that much! I'm thinking sweet no big deal nothing lost then I go to get a drink of the gatorade that I bought, can't find it I'm looking everywhere on the stage.

Wait there it is out in the rain...dang it!! so I got wet after all.

We were coming back from the other side of stage and saw this bus, now it may seem that I'm repeating myself but this festival is for sure something of a time machine, I just keeping learning more and more about the way they use tour in the old days, the 80's the 70's and the late 60's in this case a 1969 Tour bus that still tours! Its amazing.

I started taking pictures of it and the band stepped out of the bus and there I was taking a pic, and they were nice enough to let me in on the little details of it. that I won't go into, it was pretty cool.

There's an episode of Family Guy when peter is running down a side walk and then falls, and then few a full minute its just him on the screen, holding his knee gasping for air cause it hurts, you know how it is! It hurts and you grab the wound and take a deep breath in and then breathe out with this nose of major discomfort.
Well that was me today.

Holding me knee in the gravel in front of everyone gasping quietly trying to act tough.

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