Thursday, August 9, 2007

YAY The Internet!

Sweet's been a while since I've had the internet, Today has been one of the few days on this tour that we've had the time for one and two the internet so I can show those of you that still look at my blog since it's been a while since I've been able to actually blogged.

This tour has been one of the hardest as far as fitting the gear into the rooms it's and for you tech's that read this we don't have to much gear, the in's and out's have been brutal for space all around. We've been working up till doors everyday cause of soundchecks and choir placements and soundchecking them every afternoon. Bless their hearts we've had some really small church stages and theirs 36 of them or something like that to put on the stage.

Speaking of the choir I have a pic of them so you can see, They speak little to no English haha!

And again for the tech guys that read the blog and the people that hopefully find this funny, I have a pic of us trying to fix a light without bringing the genie's in, I know its a form of laziness but you know how it is why bring in the whole truss when you can just climb a ladder, but when the ladder isn't tall enough you have to improvise a little and after two hampers and two sub cabs with the ladder on top I finally reached the light that I was going after

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Jay Steven said...

TOO FUNNY! I like how everything is resting on little grocery cart wheels!Hahaha! Good stuff, be safe!