Sunday, September 2, 2007

Family Reunion

Well it's been an interesting week, Patti has met most of my Dad's side of the family as you've seen in the previous post. Now she's met about 90% of my Mom's family, now my Mom's side of the family is a little crazy just how many there are of us, here's a pic of the family tree.

Now if you can see real close on this pic if you have to click to enhance the picture at the top of the banner in the center there's 2 blue squares that are my grandparnts, now I'm going to use the numbers as aposed to writeing the number just so you get the point here. SO it started with my grandparts (2) they together had 10 kids then their kids all together after getting married of course had 33 kids, and the 33 kids ( I want to point out that I was the 33rd of the grandchildren born so I'm the baby of the family) their kids in turn did their part in the having babies and had 68 kids all total, and now even tho the youngest of the clan of 68 I hear is 6 months old, a couple of the 68 have had up to 10 kids. And all that is not including their spouses!

So if your lost imagine my wife Patti meeting all these people all at once today, and I'm meeting some of them for the first time as well haha...

To recap thats 2 parents, 10 children, 33 grandchildren, 68 great grandchildren, 10 great great grandchildren, throw in the spouses and you have a stupid big party.

One of the activities we did was golfing, since we rented out a golf course sortof, we were put into teams and played best ball it was alot of fun Patti and were teamed up with a couple cousins of mine, Patti was excited to play a little golf

This is a pic of her waiting to tee off...

Me trying to help.

Patti had been playing really good being that she hasn't golfed all that much in her life, so she gets up to chip up on the green and low and behold she hits it just right..

Judging by the reaction you can see that she hit the ball the closest to the hole almost going in on the way by, it was pretty stinking cool

Here's how close she got after the role by obviously..

One the guys we were playing with left a little obsticle for the group behind us..

Just to show those of you who have golfed with me this was the story of my day!

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