Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Finally a day off!!

So yesterday was finally a day off, and we went to Boulder, CO. It was really cool the downtown area was really cool very artsy very just chill, I have some pic's of the street we were on.

But first I have to show you Lunch since when we woke up it was lunch time and that was the first thing we went looking for, we found a BBQ place that was really good (click on the link) I got me some ribs...mmmmm

Then we continued to walk around till we found a camera store like 15 blocks away haha that was a crazy walk, it seem to take forever to get there, it was worth it tho, it was a nice store.
But we decided to take the bus back tho haha just like that we were back on the main street with all the shops, here's a pic of Denny, Farns and I running across the street trying to catch the bus.

So what do you do when you have 3 camera geeks in a really cool artsy place. you take a lot of pic's of random things, one of the crew guys saw us walking down the street, all of us had our camera's in hand just walking and looking for things to take pic's of, and then all stopping to take a pic of something! Like this basically.

And if you watned to see how my pic turned out? It's so beautiful it reminds me of my wife!

Then it was time for some Mexican food while listening to a jazz band sitting outside looking at the mountains, but instead of showing you pic's of the mexican place and the view that was nice. I'm going to show you the some of the street pic's of the place we spent our day at.

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