Thursday, November 8, 2007

9000 LBS, 1 Gigawatt!

Each morning we get up and go in side the building that we're playing in, mark out points much like the ones you see below, then we discuss with the riggers who rig to the steal in the air about weight and placement, then they hang our chained motors, and try to hit the "X" on the floor, again example in the photo below.

Everyday I come in and mark my 5 points on the floor and write 9000 LBS next to the points, making the statement that my wall is heavy.

On this particular day we had one real rigger and a couple other riggers that were employee's if I may call them that of the place we were at. So to say the least it was taking a while, and the one real rigger was busy trying to get all the points done, mean while the venue big wigs come in and start freaking out about how heavy my wall, granted they knew how heavy it was for weeks our PM calls in advance and talks about this stuff weeks before we're even close to being there and goes over all this stuff. So after much arguing about weight placement and me stressing out to no end at the idea of the steal in the roof not being able to hold the LED wall. we finally get it up and safely. (Thought I would throw in the "safely" part)

At what I think was 330pm (we're usually done by noon) I finally get the wall built and its sitting on the ground. I look up and see something wrong with 2 of my points (thankfully) so I ask the rigger to go up and fix them, so he hops back into the trusty lift, we make a path behind my wall and up he goes.

He gets about half way up to the steel and the lift dies, he looks at me, which I'm on top of my wall trying to land a motor on top of the wall, so he can fix the rigging, can any of you figure out why the lift died half way up in the air??

YUP out of gas.

But we got some gas and fixed the points, everything got up ok and the show happened but its just one more example why I live the dream.
Thanks for listening stay classy.

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