Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Ok I lied!

So here's the deal I blogged about it being cold on the last blog, and well I blogged to soon, cause we did a show in the great state of Iowa where I was born and raised for the most part, and well we got hit by an ice storm!

The day when it started looked a lot like this, that was around 8am.

By the time we got to the third truck it had been raining ice mixed with some snow.
The parking lot is almost covered.

So by the time we finished with load in (which i was done way early cause we loaded in a cattle show room and my LED wall was smaller than car), I went outside to see our Stage manager making sidewalks in the snow.

He did a good job! He did more than I would have haha crazy guy

Now everybody knows that you can't do something productive without someone having a little fun. And undoing everything you just did.

Which then involves a snow fight.

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