Thursday, January 17, 2008

Audio Guys

I was in the shop today working on some tiles, I had my ipod on, and I was listening to a play list that I had created a long time ago, it was nice just soldering a few things, taking stuff apart putting stuff together everything was going smooth until the ipod went silent, and then about 15 seconds later I hear what seems to be "Seal", I'm not sure how he got on my play list but then I started thinking about all the different audio guys who have tuned their systems to "Seal", and using only one song for an entire tour, every day the same song over and over and over again.
Then I started wondering what they were all doing now? Who they were driving nuts with the same song over and over again, causing lighting, video, and other departments that don't matter all that much (backline...haha just joking....sortof) to sing at the top of their lungs, with a sound of obnoxiousness, or do the robot every time it comes on for the entire tour.

Here's to Audio guys with a sense of humor, without you we would just have backline guys to make fun of.

Then I almost dropped the soldering iron, but I caught it....on the wrong end, It hurt.

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solderchecker said...

hahahaha...........mother f*cker