Sunday, January 27, 2008

How do they do that?

(Here's my 2 cents worth the ramblings)

I've been reading and looking at a bunch of different blogs, and looking at magazines, on how to help me get better pictures, how do I make my pictures look awesome!? Well I've been practicing and searching, and playing with every bit of software that I own, to help me create better pic's.

(Please read the following paragraph, with a complaining tone of a spoiled rich kid wanting a golden egg for breakfast "over easy, with some toast, maybe some coffee/with creme, maybe a pancake with syrup)
So here's some sites that I've been trying to live up too here recently, now granted some of these people have a bigger budget than I do, and some have gone to college, to take pictures, and some are just stinking talented, but darn it, that doesn't mean that I can't figure how they do it, without going into debt, and have to like learn stuff or be talented, I want it handed to me!

So hopefully these people don't get mad at me for posting their sites on my blog, so I won't name names, you can just find them out for your self.
Thats just a few sites of what I'm talking about.

So if any of you have any hints to make my pic's look like "thats awesome" with a glow of "awe man sweet!". Ok not really, but I would like to learn more.

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