Saturday, January 12, 2008

Why don't I blog as as much when I'm home

I've been reading some blogs today, and noticing that some people blog everyday, sometimes a couple times a day, which makes for some good reading.

So I got to looking at my blog and noticed that I don't blog as much I as I do when I'm on the road, partly because I blog for my wife so she can see the pic's of the stories I tell her and what not, but I think the main reason is my Christmas presents.

Video games sleeps arch enemy! I have spent so much time playing video games the last 2 weeks, that I haven't slept, but you have to admit that I've beaten COD4 on regular and hard, yea that's right I'm poppin my collar, and I'm playing the Assassin's Creed for the second time.

Now I do want to clear something up, I haven't been ignoring my wife in this process, I play while she's at work and or sleeping, so don't go feeling bad for her. Well maybe a little.

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brody.harper said...

Guitar Hero does that to me.