Saturday, March 29, 2008

Living The Dream

We have a saying on the road that we say, "Living the Dream", I know why we say and to be honest we say it a lot, there a lot of people that want to do what we do cause it looks glamorous, we get to hang out with bands, we're in a different city every night, we get free food all the time, the bus' are awesome, blah blah blah.....we are blessed I think most of us that do this would probably end up in white jacket if we had 9-5 job, but the reality is that its a lot of work. And where the saying "Living the Dream" came from is that if people only knew, I would like to share with you just what we see in the morning after sleeping 5 hours on a bus.

You have to remember this is what we see literally after we wake up, the sleep is still in our eyes, your still clearing your throat, and
You turn the corner from the bus and there it is, garbage from the night before, from several nights before, mostly popcorn, pop (yea thats right I was raised in the north its called POP people, who wants to fight me) puke, Gummy bears, maybe some nachos, (man do nachos sound good don't they? holy cow I'm hungry!) some more popcorn, Hot dogs, Salted Pretzels, Pizza, Funnel cake depending on what show was in the building the night before, stale beer, just anything you can get at a concert, or hockey game for the most part, then wrap em all up and put them in a bags that kind of hold together, then put it out by the door that WE have to go threw to get into the building.

If you look in the picture above this one you, this garbage bin was blocked by the wood on the right side I didn't want you to miss this one. Cause you couldn't walking by it.

It was leaking some kind of Goo that smelled even worse than the previous goo that we hopped over.

Then finally up the steps and to the door... where for some reason (laziness) the building people put a garbage bin and it was rank!

Doesn't that just say Good Morning to you?

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