Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Is it Gyro or Guyro?

In the last week we've gone to this Greek Cafe 3 times in the last week for lunch, and 2 times in the last 2 days, (yesterday and today for lunch) I've acquired a taste for Greek food, over the last couple years, as a kid I loved going to fairs and festivals and getting Gyro's from the vender's.

Before I was married I lived behind a big Greek Orthodox church, this church is pretty cool looking, its huge! They have a Greek festival every year, and my roommate and I would go over and pretend we were Greek for a day, he looked the part more than I did, he at least had black hair, and me being red headed just didn't fit in, but the people were always nice, and they would let us dance with them, and make fools of our selves, and eat Gyro's! So when Patti and I saw the little Greek Cafe both of us were like cool, even tho Patti's never had Greek food, she wanted to try it, so we tried it and we both loved it!

Today we go in and get a couple Gyro's or like Patti likes to call it, a "Guyro" platter, but today we had a few minutes while the lamb was cooking, I noticed a few things about this place, its in a store front, and I looked around the room, the people working there are some of the nicest people, they all talk to each other in Greek, and whoever is taking the order at the counter, yells the order to the guy standing 3 feet behind them, followed by smiles, to the left of the counter is a painting/woodcarving of a Italian chief, holding bread in a kitchen with his big chief hat, the dinning room, has the little yellow pepper lights that you would see in a Mexican restaurant, and hanging from the ceiling is 2 things, 1-these plant things that hang down far enough that you have to walk around them to get any where, and 2- a beed portrait thing thats a picture of Mother Mary. The place is, to say the least a little weird looking, but man do they have some good food!

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