Saturday, April 12, 2008

Snooch Day

Today I was thinking I would do a blog on the many faces of Snooch, (Chris) Snooch recently started his own blog and helps out on this blog, he's the lighting crew chief and has more to do sometimes than any of us production guys on the tour, (Has more than me to do)

This morning due to circumstances that are way out of my control, I didn't have to set up my LED wall, so I had time this morning to just take some pictures something that I've been neglecting, (I'm just lazy) So here it is the Snooch.

Today is kind of a weird day, for everybody so I love this pic of Snooch after he just woke up discussing layouts and what not for the day.

On a normal day we come in to the building and mark our points, with chalk draw big X with circles, Snooch is the only one that uses wet chalk. Just thought I would share that for no real reason.Except today like I said is a weird day and we are using a festival rig since theres no steal to hang from in the air, so his world gets shaken a little so (and I'm guessing) he's doing a quick measurement of stuff for a reason that I'm sure is good.

Then He waits for the trucks to start to unload...
Still waiting....

Discusses with his guys what they need to do on this day of craziness.... Or he's explaining why his shoe's are orange. YAY the trucks are unloading, or he's singing Opera?

Good Job Snooch... (Is he going to take a drink? Or is he singing into his coffee mug?)

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Snooch said...

I look so "defeated" in every one of those photos. That makes me sad.