Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Stupid Tuesday

I know that today is suppose to be positive post Tuesday, but not today!!
When I woke up this morning everything was great, slept in, then I checked my email, and wouldn't you know it, there was a email from the bank that said please call us, (basically) so I called the 800 number, and after a series of questions the last one she asked was, "and did you attempt to purchase something from Radio Shack for $957 that was denied?" my response was "No, theres nothing at radio shack that I want that cost that much!"
So my day started with somebody stealing my credit card info.

Followed By.....
Followed by (a couple hours later) the wife and I were hanging out watching tv, chilling on our computers, when hers crashes for no reason, other than its a PC!! I don't understand why people would want a PC, and seriously don't understand why people argue that PC's are better than Apple's? I spent pretty much the whole day re-formatting and trying to figure out what to update on that stupid thing followed by, trying to not purchase something else to make it work (virus protection) then waiting and clicking on stuff, then trying to figure out why I need all this extra stuff just to check my email on the internet.

When I re-formatted my MAC, I clicked on "check for updates", it did its thing, there wasn't 30 desk icon's that I'll never use, there wasn't little pop up windows that popped up every 2 seconds with some kind of pointless information, and I didn't need to buy some $50 protection software to get on the internet!!!

I have nothing positive to say today ... Check back tomorrow!

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randy said...

i figure since im a week behind it ok to laugh.

you should take a steak knife an pock it through the screen, that will fix everything all at once.