Saturday, April 19, 2008


So my Birthday was yesterday, and I thought by dinner time with nobody acting weird I had made it the whole day without a big hoo-ha deal that we always do for birthdays out here, so I thought cool I made it the whole day with just some mild "hey happy birthdays!", and I was fine with that, I'm not the type to go around and tell people its my birthday, that seems silly to me, I love spreading around other peoples birthdays, if its there birthday or not.

So there I sat hanging out with Brody and Blue, they drove down to hang and talk about some blogs, always fun! Then all of sudden here comes Christy and Farns with a big o' cake singing.

I loved the cake, it was Chicago Cubs cake, with little baseball players on top!
Thanks Brody for getting some pic's

And Farns got me a present that I'll be blogging about at some point this week, cause its what I wanted, Thanks Farns. And thanks to the plotters of the cake were, I have a guess - who it was, but not sure? But Thanks!!

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