Sunday, May 25, 2008

He Brought Me Jamba Juice....

(haha he looks mad in this picture, ((aerrrrr... I'm calling sposts)) course it was like the 4th try I tried to get a pic of him while working!)

Yay it's nick! It's been pretty much the whole spring since we've seen each other, we've tried several times to hang out, here and there, or when he has bus call or whatever, and it always seems to not pan out, but not this week! We were both stuck together for the day for the most part working, and that's ok, cause that's what we talk about anyway, is work stuff, when you live what we live, you pretty much talk about gear, tell stories from your tour or show, (or somebody else's tour when they have good stories "Jenkins") It's always so much fun just hanging out!

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Anonymous said...

I see how it is Jamba Juice rates more blog worthy than a catering ticket....well after eating the catering you might be right.