Saturday, May 10, 2008

I Helped Clean Up!

My Mom is in town, and that makes for a great opportunity for my wife to cook breakfast in the mornings, I'm not a morning person, and my wife isn't either for the most part, I'm mean if I have to work then I get up grab something quick and go, and she does the same, so she doesn't get very many chances to cook anything in the mornings, but my mom is a early riser, so we've been getting up in the morning and making breakfast and hanging out, and since the wife is cooking the breakfast, I figure I might as well put everything away, and clean the dishes, and let them talk, I'm not much for talking in the morning anyway.

First lets just go over what all we had for breakfast, we had Eggs to order, bacon, toast with different kinds of jelly/jam, and assorted fruit. now back to cleaning up, and what I thought, that I was doing pretty good, I was grabbing a bunch of stuff at once and making some pretty good time cleaning up, the last thing to do was to put the 4 different kinds of fruit containers back in the fridge, so I grab all 4 stack 'em up and start walking to the fridge, (about 4 feet) open the fridge put the first of the four in the fridge followed by watching the next container (grapes) start falling towards the floor, now I had plenty of time to make a decision, (they fell really slow!!) I mean I was only 2 feet from the floor, but instead of doing anything I just watched as it hit the floor and the grapes, well...

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Eugene Brown said...

hahaha...Its a sign!! Men aren't meant to be in the kitchen!! haha...just kiddin!! How nice of you to help your wife clean up!! just think, Next mother's day, You'll have to make her breakfast and clean up, I mean with her bein a mother and all:)