Saturday, May 17, 2008

Measure Twice, Drill Once?

For the last month or so, I've really tried to blog everyday, even on days that I'm on the road working I try to make it happen, even if its something small about my day, but yesterday and today, or yesterday and the day before now that its past midnight, I haven't had the time to blog, and I actually felt... well... you know that feeling when you forget to do something that you have a habit of doing everyday, like brushing your teeth or, any of our new year's resolutions and when you skip it you feel guilty but you don't do anything about it, that's how I felt about not blogging the last couple days!

So today I knew that I was going to be supper busy but I thought there's got to be a moment at some point that I'm going to have to wait on something, and I'll blog then! Yea that didn't happen, it worked out just right that as soon as I was done with one project, I was able to move right on to the next, and didn't have to wait for parts (for too long at least) or anything, but I did manage to snap some pic's of the stupidness/excitement that I had today.

It started early this morning putting stuff back together, if I have to be in the shop working I would have to say that this is my favorite part of shop work is the real tech work of pulling apart equipment finding the problem, fixing/replacing the problem and then putting it back together, (and its working when I get it all together) especially when its just me with the ipod on nobody around just me and the equipment, there's something relaxing about fixing something.

That was followed by prepping some equipment that we're (me) getting ready for some friends, they want the stuff a little different than we have them, so I spent the rest of the day taking screws out, drilling wholes, measuring, trying to remember what the little line is called that's before the other line thats a little taller than the one I'm looking at on the tape measure, then having to remeasure cause I've forgotten if the line I need is the big line or the little line? Then looking at the finished product of the first of many changes, and seeing that one of the screws wasn't in line with the rest (DANG IT!!!)

That was followed by more drilling, and measuring, my phone ringing, looking at some diagrams for a while, walking in circles, (I kept setting down the tape measure or my sharpie somewhere) calling people and asking when the parts are going to ready, only to find out they were, getting my second wind back around dinner time when I got the parts, realizing that I could knock most of it out tonight....

Then I was sitting there looking at something to make sure it was straight (level), I realize that I had been wearing my yellow low lite safety glasses for the whole day, and my eyes were starting to hurt, I look at the bay door that I had open and realize that its dark out side. Then at the mess I've made and laughed (by myself with nobody around I laughed out loud, I LOL'd out loud) thinking what a mess I've created, there was stuff everywhere! And didn't remember even getting half the tools that I had, I thought where did those come from? and that's when I decided to go home.

So there's at least todays (yesterdays) excuse for no blog.

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snooch said...

Yay!!! I am indirectly responsible for your blog. You're welcome