Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More Breakfast time....

Today is crazy Positive Post Tuesday thing, and well I'm not sure what to blog about that's positive, my mom left today after visiting for the weekend, (haha) that's not positive, just throwing it out there, and that I'm sad now, (yea she left, and I have to go back to work!) I blogged about my wife cooking breakfast every morning, thats positive, anyway this morning we thought that instead of her cooking we would go to this place for breakfast, I use to have way to much of this place, and hated it for a long time thanks to bus drivers!! But its my wifes favorite breakfast place, so I mentioned it to her the other day, (by accident! Dag Gum it) that we should go, yea..... there was no backing out of this one, so we got up and went.

And well it wasn't bad! But I don't like grits! I could probably do a whole blog on foods that have no flavor, and grits is one of them, can anybody tell me the origin of grits, I would search it myself but I would rather just think of it as nasty tasteless food, unless one of the 30 people that read my blog can explain to me why I should actually eat this southern tasteless white goo... that when it hardens you can actually use it as dry wall filler, its probably stronger than some of the putty that's out there! But sure is fun to make faces on! YAY!!

We were on our way to the airport to drop off mom, we were a little early, so went to the mall, and as we were walking around we found a country home store place that had lots of butter's and jams, and well to say the least mom was in heaven!! Anyway thanks for hanging with us this week mom!


h said...

grits do have flavor.... whatever you put on them. i like butter with a pinch of sugar!

randy said...

Im with you on the grits thing. I dont really care where it came from or what it is, just dont make me eat it.

I would rather have a piece of toast.