Thursday, June 12, 2008

How Much Does It Weigh?

The night wasn't all to bad, a little nerve racking at first, because the first wall we took apart we couldn't pick it up from the behind like we loaded in, cause theres stuff back there now, so we had to do lift it from the front. In the front is brand new black top, which they asked us to not drive on, for whatever reason, so we parked the lift on the grass and extended the arm almost all the way out, at first we thought to just pick up the whole wall at once let hang there about our heads while we raised the stage, but we got to lookin' at how much weight the lift can hold and how far the boom is going to be extended, and all that weight dangling above our heads we thought, nah....lets just take the top half off and set it down, then let the rest just dangle above our heads.

So after 5 hours we were finally done, we were happy that we were able to get it done, and it take all night just most of it, we saw smiles from all the people in charge, so we thought that "Sweet!!!" So we go over and shake hands with everybody, then they say, "Its awful high don't you think??"

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