Friday, July 11, 2008

I Just Want To Rip It Down!!

I have hit my head so many times in the last couple days that my head hurts all over! I’m always hitting my head on things, it’s inevitable, its that “tall guy syndrome” that my chiropractor talks about, but this week I’ve hit my head on the same two frames, you would think I would learn they were there by now. But before you go judging, in my defense the frames weren’t there last year, some dude (that I had to wait for) welded them on during load in, so its not like they’ve been there from the start.
I’ve pointed out which piece of framing I’ve hit my head on at least 8 times this week, one of which I hit the side of my head and my ear so hard that it knocked me on to the ground, (in the rain) which caused me to get even more soaked from the down pour!

I can hear my dad as I’m writing this saying (jokingly of course) “well the first time you hit your head, it should have knocked some since into ya” and then laughing at the fact that I’ve repeatedly hit my head, and then saying “what an idiot!” (the idiot thing is a on going joke between us!) Meaning of course common since.

OH!! And for the first time in a couple days we saw the sun! Tonight after a monsoon, the sun came out to play, it wasn’t out for very long, but since I was still soaking wet from the day’s copious rain! It felt good to sort of dry off.

Here's the LINK to the lineup/festival page, for those interested in checking why I've gone back to 1986.

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