Thursday, August 7, 2008

Long Walk...

The red arrow is pointing at the venue, its not a straight shot!

So I've told you about our hotel, and boy do I have a story for ya, but its still evolving so I want to make sure I get all the details and that there sort of right, cause no good story is totally fact! (except mine of course) But till the story is complete I'll wait.

Back to the hotel, we've been walking to and from the venue, since our RV is over at the venue and where we parked is easy for us to get to in a storm, and we have someplace to go and hang out and cool down, but once we put the RV in its place its not the easiest to get it out, so we've been walking. I didn't think it was going to be bad since I've been reading this Navy SEALs book (along with Farns, we've been texting each other like we're watching some sort of soap opera while reading this) and I'm like yea I'm up for it! My 50 pound backpack, my camera, and the open parking lots to cut across.
Well about a little over a half mile later, I was, to say the least starting to get a little soar, my legs started cramping, my back started aching and the whole time I'm think man this stinks. (haha) It just shows that I'm fat and out of shape, maybe this week will be good for me? Or maybe I'll find a golf cart ride? I hope its the second one!

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