Sunday, August 10, 2008

Something New ... But Old...

(I Didn't take this Pic)
I've been in the same industry for pretty much my whole career of doing whatever it is that I do. I'm still compared to most green, but been in it long enough that I can hold my own.
Anyway I've met and done shows with a lot of bands and most several times, I'd thought I seen the bulk of the industry. But, Today was like old timer day here at the festival and all the people that helped shape and mold the industry were here, I've heard the bands that played, and have a CD or two of some of 'em from back and the day, but I didn't really care much to hear them live, I just wanted to do my gig, check the walls and then sit out front and read my book, glancing up every now and again to make sure my gear was still working properly.
Well as I sat out there this little and what looked older gentlemen gets up there, just him, a peddle board and a acoustic guitar, the MC then says his name, "I'm like I've heard of Phil Keaggy" And as he started to speak in a mannerism and sound of humility in his voice, you couldn't help but to love this guy, course then he started playing, and several parts later, of doing his own BVG's via a loop through his guitar, and creating several (I counted at one point 4 different loops that he created going at once) guitar parts, all at the same time as singing a song in key mind you. I have to say it was one of the best performances I've seen by one individual. If you've never seen a show with him its kind of a must, its something that's just amazing.

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drock76 said...

I love watching Phil Keaggy perform. The last time I saw him was at bluebird cafe and he literally stopped the waitresses in their tracks because they couldn't figure out how so much music was coming from one man. Amazing