Friday, September 19, 2008

The Big Day...

So yesterday was the big day, we got up at the crack of dawn, I'm not lying, because I'm pretty sure as we were getting into the car to head to the hospital I heard a crack. If I had to have a guess I would say it was the sun finally peaking over the horizon, but at that point it was still pretty dark out.
We get the hospital and things start to sink in, Patti read (out loud) the previous night in the little booklet that explains what the surgeon planned on doing. So we start joking around about it, with a little hint of nervousness.

Course after a few minutes of waiting around, they come and get us, and ask how we're doing, which I think is funny, when your in the hospital and the nurses say "hey! how you doin?" I always want to say I'm in a hospital! Anyway they put the arm band on me then, they get a arm band that says "SAFE" put on me, she explained what that meant but I forgot almost right away cause she followed that with "here's your gown and you need to strip", Patti's laughing at the face I made and then the face the nurse made when I said "even my underwear?" With a sorta squeak in my voice

Then the Surgeon comes in the door in a hurry like he's late or something (he wasn't) and asks, "how you doin?" then says "any pain this morning" while making a B line straight for my stomach and starts pressing really hard, and hitting my stomach I follow with "I was doing good till you showed up, and started doing that" Patti starts to laugh, he looks at me smiles and says "see ya in there".

I don't have a picture of me in the holding area, because well they wouldn't allow cell phones or the patient to have anything personal, so I lay there, a nurse comes over and hooks me up to this heart thing, which is making this loud beeping noise in tune with my heart, and the nurse says there should be one of guys coming over to shave your belly. Now for those of you that know me know that I'm really tickelish, my heart beeping thing is already beeping pretty fast just from me being nervous, when the guy shows up my monitor starts beeping really fast, he looks at me then the heart monitor then me, and I say "I'm really tickelish" with this nervous look on my face, he then says "oh good, this should be fun", I'm already in a little pain from the stones, and he starts to shave my belly without any gel or foam and I start squirming, it was mostly embarresing, cause I was groaning from being in pain and giggiling from being tickeled! Those two don't go well together!!

I was nervous about being put to sleep cause, well... will I roll over in the middle of surgery? Will I pass gas? (not funny, it could happen) will I wake up when their shoving that big tube down my throat? It was really my first time in this sort of situation.. but they strapped my arms down, and my legs, and put this mask on me and the next thing I remember is the nurse yelling at me to move further up on the bed! I guess when they went to transfer me to my bed from the operating table after surgery, me being a big guy and the bed, being not very big, meant they had trouble getting me all the way on the bed, in all my knocked outness, so here I lay half drugged and trying to get myself up on the bed a little better! Gosh what a waste. Then only to fall back to sleep right away.

So there it is, in all my flubber, the holes that they made to go in and get whatever it was they needed! I'm really thankful that I don't really remember any thing from the actual surgery, I am not thankful for everybody telling me that they know somebody that has had this surgery done, and especially their mom's or old people, cause they all make it sound like its no big deal and they were back to work a couple days later. Meanwhile I'm hoping to make it to the bathroom without having help getting out of bed! And holding a pillow really tight to my stomach like its my favorite teddy bear!

I can only come up with the excuse that I'm a huge Wuss! Because everything I do has the result of a lot of pain! I keep thinking about all these people that I know that have had it done, and keep thinking... I'm not a man! I'm just a boy and I don't want to play this game anymore!

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