Monday, November 10, 2008

Stupid Place

I've been spending the last couple days wondering for the first time since I've started doing LED if the gear was going to get the better of me, it's been one thing after another, I haven't had time to just sit down and chat about the show, it's been mostly me saying that "I'm busy don't bother me!" And that's the way it's been, just for the record I'm not to proud to call tech support, I've spent many a minutes on tech support about things this week, it's just that my patience for tech support people isn't very big because they always seem to have me check all the things that I've already done! And can't seem to produce new things the to check.

Enough rambling about that, if your wondering about the pic up top is just thought I would share with you who I'm waiting on for a ride home to see my wife.

Anyway back to ranting about my week so far you ever have one of those places in your life that just seems to be bad luck? I mean like a physical place, like every time you go there you get a speeding ticket, or something bad happens or just whatever, well the place we're rehearsing is one of those places for me! Everytime I'm here life turns into the biggest pain in the rear!!

So there you go my rant for the day.


Eugene and Heather Brown said...

I hate tech support! They always have a script to follow and are completely lost if they have to go outside of it!!

The Farns said...

Well all the hard work paid off cause it looks amazing! Good luck on tour.