Tuesday, December 16, 2008


For the last 5 weeks I've been all over, and it seemed like no matter where we went it was like we would leave and then it snow or it would be just cold and rainy, then sunny the next day. For example we were in Tulsa on sat. It was warm during the day cold at night and supper windy!! Like crazy windy, anyway it wasn't all that bad, well we go to Dallas on sun. Then back to Tulsa on Mon. And it went from sweat shirt weather in tulsa on sat. to 4 dagree's but no snow, just a lot of ice! So I was like that's a bummer I'm not going to see any snow before Christmas, and then I land in Kasas City for a lay over and it's snowing! And not just snowing but like SNOWING!! Which my excitment was crushed right away with concern about my flight home.

So here I sit waiting for my flight home, staring at the snow that I wanted to see before Christmas wishing now that it would stop snowing!

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