Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Day Behind...

So I'm running a day behind out here, this was suppose to be yesterdays post, but I don't get a chance to get my computer out during the day, unless it's to look up some kind or work thing. Since I was talking about work, thought I would share with you some work things, first like I said in the last post from my phone, we're broadcasting on the web every night, well "we're not" but Brody and his side kick are, we're doing the imag for the show and he's borrowing a feed from us, anyway this tour is really unique in a lot of ways, it's hard to explain it, on here cause I'm not good with words and making sentences, so I say the best place to find out about it is on the tour blog which is "the rock and worship roadshow" the show will be up on there every night we're doing a show, so I would say tune in and find out for yourself whats going on.

It's been a good out here, I've been really busy, it feels good though, I haven't really been stressed out, just been really busy trying to get the first show up and running, and all the little things that fall through the cracks came up, and that keeps me busy, I was able to get out my camera for a little bit yesterday and take some shots of the crew working and the LED walls out here, which was relaxing. I'm hoping tomorrow goes really smooth we have a lot of cleaning to do on the cabling, some looms to make load in/out go faster, but I'm hoping everything just goes together quick.

This was hanging outside the Production office in Billings, MT. I thought it was funny, cause you don't think about all the driving we do for a tour, unless your bus driver sucks then you think it about all the time cause your tired and grouchy. But for the most part if you have a good driver then you don't think about it cause your sleeping. And you don't care how what direction you go as long as your not late to load in.


randy said...

you should get trailguru for you phone and track a night of travel,, its a pretty cool app for the iphone.

it correlates with a google map and you can add photos and stuff..

I"ll send you a link.

Angela O'Brien said...

Cool, I didn't know you were on this tour. I have been catching some of the shows on the internet. The first night was "iffy" with the feed cutting in and out. Last night had awesome video and audio. You guys are doing an awesome job. Tell Brody I said hi:)