Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Wife has a cold...

My wife for the last couple days has had a cold, like held up in bed kinda cold, it stinks when you have that cold. I use to never get a "cold" till I got that pneumonia thing, now I get sick or colds a lot easier, since my lungs are scared and blah blah blah, so I've been doing my best to not catch what she has, and take care of her at the same time, which is always interesting for her I'm sure. Let explain why, for some reason when she needs to be taken care of, I forget everything about what to do, for example, I went to target to get her some stuff to make her feel better, well I stood in the isle for a minute then called my mom and asked her what I should get, even tho I know the symptoms she has, I'm not sure which one is the best for her, there's just so many brands, and everything does something different, so after hanging up with my mom, I decided to get one of each, and just kinda lay them out there for her. It's that stuff that I get all buggered up about. I just want her to feel better.

In my wanting to help out around the house, I thought I would do the dishes, which I help out with anyway when I can, cause I don't mind doing them, I mean you rinse them off and put them in the dish washer.
That's all normal, I try to help out in that area, but the one thing I don't help out with is the important dishes, I just don't touch those, cause.... I'm a guy and I some how screw things up, (My words not hers) I always feel bad, cause I chip something or whatever. Today is a good example, I tried to clean the really nice cake dish that she has (a wedding gift), and it slipped while I was washing it off, I broke it.

SHhhh.... Lets not tell her till I get on the road....

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baylormum said...

I forget to read your blog sometimes, but it's almost always a little on the humorous side! Started today with your comment on "in case you were wondering". I loved it! Mr. Invisible to you starting tomorrow!
Second, it's nice of you to be taking care of your wife when she is down, but no more touching "those" dishes! If you ever need advice ask the pharmacist (your Target may not have one). I am one & love being able to steer folks in the right direction. I hate for spouses to get the wrong thing! Have fun this last weekend of RAWRS 2009. :)