Friday, April 10, 2009


Late load in today, and yet I found some time this afternoon to reflect on yesterday, an old work buddy swung by the show, he's gotten off the road to an extant, and supper happy about it, I can't help to think about getting off the road sometimes, I mean just thinking, like what would I do, could I handle a 9-5 type job, the few times a month that I work in the shop for a whole week, I try to keep to a schedule and it wears me out. The morning traffic, the looking at my clock all day, thinking I could be doing other things, like the only time I can handle working in the shop, is when I create a work list of things to do. Other wise I can't just go in and getting on my computer and sit there and make money not doing anything, it's a waste of my time, even if I am making money, I would rather not make money, than sit there.

Back to my thought about getting off the road, would I be able too? He seems to be really happy, and said that he had the same questions that I have about getting off the road and is loving it, I just don't know if that's something I can do, he's just so.... almost like in to a schedule of life same in and same out of what he's doing in life, which is the same on the road except all the little things are a different on the road like how bad catering is today, that's an experience, or the backline guy jumping the monitor guy on a street legal scooter, or the challenges that come with getting a show into a place that you shouldn't be having a show at all, or not knowing if there's going to anybody that shows up for the show, and 18k show up, or hanging a 9k pound LED wall with all triple bridal points just so the weight is right, or even having the ablity to have a story to tell from every work day you have. Are you going to get that at your 9-5?

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BrianJ said...

NOPE! I thought about it recently as well... mostly what a shock it would be to get into an office job. Everything changes.

I'll stick to this for a while, buckaroo :)