Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another Montage

Well again do to being busy with things, I haven't had time to actually post about things, so I'll do another picture montage, (Alot of Pic's) of what I did the last couple days.

We cooked some good food this week.

I got in some xbox time while the wife was at work.

Started a new book.

I had a gig on Friday, it was interesting and a lot of fun, it was a showcase for this band, at a club/bar. That's Nick walking down our "loading dock".

We had some time after getting things set up, so we went next door to an old coffee shop, and got a snack while waiting for the show. I had a cream soda and a cookie.

If the squirrel would have attacked her, it would have been funny. I promise it would have.

It was at the bar, but I think it's a good idea for tech's to start putting tip jar out. People complain if it's not loud enough, or too loud, when the lights are in their eyes, or they can't see the talent on stage, but if it's good why don't you put a dollar in. Huh??? Why don't you!!

The Band had a super hero theme going on, so we had super hero masks!

(I stole this from Nick's Facebook, Lampa took the picture)
The Crew consisted of 3 of us, the band helped us load in and out, so we had fun with it. Here's Nick and I wearing the Transformers Masks.

Lampa. I mean do I really need a subtitle for this one, it's just to good!

Then it was time to work.

Yea that's right!!! Look at that LED in a club baby!! Those puny little par cans have nothing on me!

In a Club!

Works over, getting in some relax time watching the storms roll through. For those who care, I didn't catch the lighting with the "bulb" function on the camera I'm... just.... that... quick!!

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