Thursday, June 28, 2007

Another Day!

I would like to show you just how far out in the boonies we are if you havn't got the point yet...

Not that it matters to you guys it's just been a while since I've been out in the Corn Fields (I'm pretty sure that I spelled Corn in a previous post like the band Korn) which let me show you a picture of some more if CORN if you havn't had enough

So the festival we're at has a lot of different stages for band to play bands you've heard of band you havn't heard of, and then there's the bands that set up a speaker system in the camp sites and play, and I'm not just saying a couple, you can walk down the road and see a dozen bands in less than mile playing out of tent and seeing who can be louder than the other or who can be the ugliest, and most un showered haha and they all have bulletins telling when and where you can see there band what camp site, by what tree etc. It's actually funny how serious a lot of these people are about this. Bless there hearts.

You can see in this picture the the best spot to advertise your band and where you might be playing is the porta-potti

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Brody Harper said...

Great pictures Jeff... they are getting better every time you put more up.