Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I should be a Fire Fighter!

Today we showed up at the festival...just in time for us to walk right into a hadge-padge of miss comunication (from both sides, mind you, no point the finger today for me!) I'm not sure how exactly we some how talked our way thru the everything putting out this fire and that fire. But at the end of the day it's funny cause everything always works out, That's why I love what i do, everybody always has to take care of contracts and what not,

Whatever happen to the hand shake and accountablity?

Haha sometimes I wonder if that was an old wise tale. (like walking up hill both ways...or the pull my finger routine haha wait a minute)

This Festival is way out in the middle of no-where too! The site for the 30 min. drive out there looked like where i grew up in Iowa, which I'm pretty sure we're about an hour from Iowa.

The road leading to the Back stage entrance was intersting, after driving down a gravel road for a couple miles we finally got there and it's way out of the way, cause we had to go to the front gate and get pass' and then head back about 20-30min. maybe in a big circle to the back enterance. Crazy how big it is.

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