Monday, August 13, 2007

Day To Day...

So I just want to walk some of you thru my day to day...and the reasons why I havn't had the internet and the days we do I don't have time to blog anything which I'm begining to miss something theroputic about sharing your heart for everybody to see and and have a pic to explain it in greater detail.

The events happened between 12pm & 12am

I woke up late in the morning for the second time on the tour do to a church service at the church we're playing at already in progress. (11:18) put my shoes on grab my camera bag and step off the dark bus to find a gentlemen standing in front of the door all chipper having been up since ealry in the morning and me being up for 30 seconds, he eagerly directs me to the small room that we were eating lunch in. Squinting the whole time not really looking up just following the feet in front of me into a building filled with people looking nice all dressed up and my with my hair messed up and I'm wearing shorts and a Tshirt.

Walking down the hall I start to approach a door that is open I then realize that I'm in the right place hearing some of the guys on the crew laughing. (Redwine)

That's Redwine his laugh can heard across 3 States when he's sobber!...haha just Joking (sortof)

I Begin to eat the meal that's provided for us, (I don't have much to say about that cause each day there's a different situation with that and honestly I think I'm going to do a whole blog on just the meals of tours especially B level tours)

We start looking at the room that we're setting up in and the stage we're going to try and put all our crap on!...

We have a meeting on what stuff we can cut to fit the rig in the room and have a decent "Safe" Show!

Most of the lighting is off the truck and we're starting to place the Downstage stuff

I pace some more on how we're getting the Up Stage truss in a choir loft!

(12:35) Scratching my chin in deep thought

After moving on for a moment to other stuff, I came back to the Up stage this time with Travis to help

(1:08) Chris and Brooks talking about Brooks giving a speach about safety and then Falling off the stage (hahahahah Sorry Brooks but that was pretty stinking funny)

After several ideas and alot of holy crap what are we going to do? we finally settled on a solution

Tarvis gets his hed almost stuck in the truss for the sake of a cool pic.

Adam deep in thought as we talk abou weight with his speakers hanging from the downstage truss

When teh day starts to get closer to show time the choir from Korea show up and we talk and sometimes hopefully laugh about the size of the stages and stuff that I don't understand when their talking to each other in Korean, I laugh with them I don't know why I don't have a clue what their saying! haha

After Several hours of sound checks and setting up and just rambling thru all the stupid stuff we went thru and the stuff we need to be aware of for the show, we go to dinner where we still have fun, but yet it's work!

Then we head in and wait for the show to start take a moment to well I'm not sure what we do right befor the show besides talk about the love life of travis and then when the show starts we all text each other stupid things

the pic is of Travis being embaraced cause of this girl that works with us walked by and he's shy and we've been giving him a hard time about it

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