Wednesday, August 15, 2007


So i thought that today i would do a blog on Catering, I don't have pic's from every Catering on the tour some are just so bad that I forget to even take a pic of it! Bless their hearts all the people that have fixed us food. But I'm still going to show you the different types of lunches and Dinners we get starting with this

There's your typical flat meat sandwich, the surprise soup that if you want meat in it you can add pepperoni the Ice-cream cake, only b/c it was Redwines B-day and a side of carrots with ranch dip

Next we have a bowl of pickles!...and some cake.

Farsworth eating this Fabulous dinner (hehe Fabulous) of Pork Chops I think and some green beans and corn.

Some of the guys don't need catering...

But when Adam does it something else. it usually looks like this I'm not sure where the beef was on that day.

There it is....Hot dogs with some sort of Crap on top.

You can't really tell what we're eating in this pic cause our table is full of people just eating everything possible.
But I will point out that if you look closely at the pic you'll see Adam's face of distaste as he has just eatin' something that I'm pretty sure tasted like the unsanitary discolored liquid poop people call "tea" according to the look on his face. (I don't like Tea) and Travis eating like he hasn't seen food in a week which when you only weigh 93 pounds I would get hungry too when I haven't had good food in a while.

You've seen this one but it's worth showing you again just what eat.

Next we have chicken salad with a side of broccoli

And if you haven't noticed by now that the theme of lunch has been sandwiches, pre-made for some. and some of the guys can't and don't like condiments (hahah) on their stuff for i.e. mayo. so they have been eating this PB&J Bless their hearts...servants the all of em'

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