Saturday, August 25, 2007

Why Do take so many pic's?

Well I don't have much to tell until I get off this tour and I can get back to life with the internet on a normal basis, cause I have to many things to post to many stories most I'll keep to myself just b/c if you don't have anything positive to say then don't say it right?

This makes me laugh! we went to Chili's for lunch on one of the show days, and we fit everybody in one car...haha

And besides the same old same old with the churches and the tour, lack of hands no room on the stages I can't actually show the rooms we've been cause it would just scare you! I can't wait for this tour to be over with haha...One more show after tonight I love the crew but we're just tired.

I don't have any story or anything creative to say about this pic just wanted to posted.

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Jeff said...

i think Mr Potato head had just told a really funny story or joke... i felt a little bad for Travis and him but not that much...