Monday, August 20, 2007

Sweet Home!

YAY for the love I'm home for the first time in weeks, holy cow it feels good i don't want to leave again for a long time or at least until tomarrow night. "Sigh"

I have so much to talk about it's crazy I didn't know what thing to blog about first. So I'm going to blog about whats most important Dinner tonight!

It started with an idea from my wifes beutiful head, followed by putting it into action...


Patti started with shredding up some real chease which makes a big difference by the way.

I started to season the chicken and warm up the old grill....haha so stupid

Patti started doing whatever you do to vegies

While Jay ate a piece of the block of chease that Patti shredded

And me taking a pic of myself waiting for the chicken to cook

Patti made margeretti's haha a lot of it...
cheers eh? Holy cow that a big glass (you didn't hear this from me but she had 4 glass' shhh)

there's the table of all the fixins was amazing

our tummies were full...

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Jon said...

miiisssss yyyyooooouuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!