Wednesday, September 12, 2007

All I do is Work!

It feels like all I do is work on whatever and never get anywhere, you ever have those weeks where it feels like your constantly busy and you get up early to get things done in hopes that you can get home quicker and then relax!? "Sigh"

It felt that way at a gig this week I got there early to hurry and get things up and set but instead I waited haha...

So I helped put together some screens with one of the other fella's, if you'll notice a brave's fan and a cub's fan put together a screen with out the constant bickering of who's team is better than the other

And then I started putting up my LED, we had to stack the tiles 5 high without motors, so this next next pic is of me talking with everybody on how we're going to keep going. (good grief look how big my butt is getting!!)

Oh wait we thought of something just stack the cases higher! And that's right Farns I am a stud!

Stud! hahahahaha

Thanks Jay for taking the pic's...

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