Thursday, September 6, 2007

More Cheese!

YAY!! It was pizza night, and we didn't order any pizza we decided that if we made it then.....well I'm not sure why we decided to make it, I'm pretty sure that we thought home made pizza would be fun! So here we go.

It started with Patti SHOUTING orders from the table, as she got the pizza's ready for toppings, one of the orders she was delivering was for me to put the cheese away!

I want to point a few things out about this is the fact that I have a T-shirt supporting the Simpsons Movie, and some febreze sitting on the table where we're making our dinner, the hot wings from the night before, and the 2 pounds of cheese that my wife put on two of pizza's!

Trying to keep up with Patti in getting the toppings ready for the pizza, it was sausage for the supreme pizza.

Patti making the final adjustments to the pizza's puttin on one piece at a time on!

things to look at in the pic besides what Patti is doing is that the wings are gone, and theres now a bowl queso and chips, we ate to much food tonight! But it was really good.

the final results...

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