Thursday, October 25, 2007

Crazy Venue..

So I was told this week that I don't show enough show stuff, well I'm still not going to show any show pic's, for the moment due to the fact that I'm not available to take any show pic's, but I will show you a pic of todays crappy load in.

well the load in wasn't as bad as the rigging that was just slow!!

Here's a pic of what time it was when they were starting audio's stage right

Yup that's right its almost lunch time..The audio guys are looking at the points that they just got stage left, the riggers are fixing to hang their other points, and I don't have any points at all! Here's a better look, and if you look real close you'll see that lighting is up and ready for focusing. CRAZY! The other thing thats crazy is that we had all but 2 of our points were dead hangs. For those of you that understand what that is. 5 and half hours and they finally got everything in the air.

So there you Go...I didn't get my points until about 130pm...I'm not crying about just amazed that it took that long!

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