Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Is that Lite Brite?

I have been dreading going in the shop today since last summer, there was a day last summer we noticed that individual LED's were starting to break, so we started bringing it up every now and again with tech support, with other tech's, and always seemed to get the same answer " (laughing) yea that sucks...no but seriously individual ones huh? hmmmm......??", so I did what any good tech would do and cheated.....

....And I dragged my feet and said "Man it can't be that hard seriously! Its probably like Lite-Brite?! I'll get to it when theres some down time and I can focus just on that".
And now the down time is here, so I started researching what all I have to do like a month ago, I even practiced on an old/broken module trying to get the hang of it, (sigh) I didn't get the hang of it.

But I rolled up the old sleeves and dug in, and well it wasn't so bad, (haha) it took all day to do one but thats ok.
I know this is a cheesy thing to blog about, but thats what I did today

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