Monday, January 14, 2008

Pesky Comments!

It was brought to my attention that not just anybody could post a comment on my blog, only people that had blogs could say something.

Which if you will allow me a minute to ramble, the complexity of having to come up with something witty to say on someone's blog is some times over whelming, (haha) because you have to be that guy or girl that when people read the other comments they say to them selves "wow that person said something really cleverly witty, (if thats even grammatically correct) and so darn funny", its hard I know, most people I've noticed do the "just stopping by, hope your doing well", which is great the fact that they stopped by and said something, but I think its just hard to leave comments, unless its an on going conversation amongst all the commenter's, like some blogs that I know. (I mean the guys a rock star, just look at his sitemeter numbers! haha I'm just jelous)

Well after all that the comments restriction has been changed, after much clicking and reading, and sighing, I found the pesky button that I had over looked in the setup process.

On a completely different note, Mercyme has started a Blog.
(Go look, read, watch, Spread the word!) With the help of
If you haven't read any of this guys blog you should!


Brody said...

ahhh thanks Jeff... I subscribe to your blog, and love seeing the pics.

Integrity Lighting, inc. said...

Jeff! You found the secret???? Where How Who ???? Help me Jeff! Please....I must click "the button"
Email me details....

Anonymous said...

Love you