Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Only Rehearsal

Today was our first day of rehearsals, the only day of rehearsals, and for the most part we didn't have to much trouble, we did have some problems with our pesky Robotics, but after a couple hours, my trusty soldering iron, a hand full of tiny screw drivers, they were persuaded to start working for us. Bless their hearts.

I like days that when you have problems, and your able to fix them, cause for the life of me it seems that most the time I get days that are always the opposite, which i guess if have to learn something, it would be that, it builds character, and an on going pain in butt. No seriously I've had one for a couple months now, course it could be the fact that I've been sitting on it for the last two months, but it was a great two months tho.

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