Sunday, February 17, 2008

Be the Solution

Tonight was date night, and Patti found out that a comedian that I like is going to be in town, at a place here in Nashville, so we went, and he was funny.

I would like to rant about something that has happen to me twice today, and I'm not sure how to gracefully deal with it, most of the time I come across as being a jerk and thats fine, I know I can be blunt haha.... okay so here it is, twice today I've stood in line for something, and both times the person(s) behind me stood so close that I could hear them breathing, what is the deal with people and having to stand right behind you, the first time today there was nobody else in the line in the place I was getting my food, I mean seriously people ask your selves next time your a line "am I that person(s) thats standing to close to the person(s) in front of me? Making them feel really awkward."

Here's the other thing. your not leaving me a lot of farting space when you stand so close.

The second was tonight waiting in line for the comedy to start, the couple standing behind me was standing so close that when I took my hand out of my pocket I hit the guy in the chest with my elbow, I WAS TAKING MY HAND OUT OF MY POCKET!!, I looked at him and didn't say anything, cause I figured there was no apology in order when your in my ozone, anyway not to spend to much time on this but I really need your help to solve this problem in our culture, people are standing to close to each other!! Be the solution, not the problem. Help the fight.


Big Poppa said...

dude you were 30 feet away from my place you should have stopped in and said hey.

randy said...

Im right in line with you man. Ive had that person that seems like there going to put there arms around you or something just to get closer to the door.

Ive actually gone to the back of he line just to get away from those people.