Tuesday, February 19, 2008


(Nice Seats eh? Thanks Farns)

Something we don't do enough of is go out on the town, which this week thats all we've done is go out and do stuff it seems like, it also seems like I didn't have any time off the last couple days, tonight was hockey night, and it was the first hockey game Patti has ever gone too, we ate so much junk food it wasn't funny, I'll probably get in trouble for telling ya'll that but hey we didn't have any dinner before going so shoot me.

It was a lot of fun tho explaining what little I know to my wife, like why their passing the puck to nobody, or better yet why they pass the puck to the other teams players, and why at the end of the game the other team went without a goalie, and listening to her get into the game not knowing anything about it was awesome, especially when the other team would score, she would go off as to why they scored the goal, and what our goalie was doing wrong, and she didn't get why they were allowed to hit each other? All the questions of the night were good ones, and sense I'm not a huge hockey fan, I didn't know the answer to some questions that I didn't post haha... but It was worth it just to see her pump her fist in the air screaming HEY!! during the tune when everybody screems (HEY!!) and the drum beat is going and they screaming HEY! Again, anyway It's hard to write something that's mostly all music except one word, but you know the song I'm talking about!
Preds won by the way 5-4.

So the last blog I ranted about something, and this blog I would like to rant about one more thing. Tonight after the game we were on our way home, on the south bound 4 lane wide I-65 and all of a sudden traffic comes to a screeching halt, and now we're in stop and go traffic, here's what gets me is for the next couple miles we looked at all the cop cars and arrows telling us to merge even more, we never saw any actual people working or why we needed to get over, or sit in traffic, but that's not what I really wanted to rant about for the moment what really kills me are the people getting over into the lane that they can clearly see that once they start driving in that particular lane their going to have to get over anyway, but their so impatient that they figure "well I'll go down to the sign and then budge my way over, like I'm in the forth grade." Now here's the part that gets me is I've done that before once on accident, and once on purpose cause I thought that where I needed to be was more important than all those other people, (and I was wrong) but now I try to be more patient and get over when I see the arrow, if I'm in that lane, but still it drives me nuts that a person knowingly will drive down the empty lane staring at the arrow knowing in their head that "I'm going to budge my way in down here at the sign, and when I get down here if you don't let me in I'll just give them the finger and then almost hit them, cause my favorite tv show is on." (sigh I feel better)

I'm not sure why I've been in such a ranting mood but there you go.

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