Thursday, February 21, 2008

Our Production Staff

(I have had this blog saved but not posted for a couple weeks now, and haven't been able to post it cause I wasn't sure what to think about it, I've never really posted anything like this before, cause there's really not enough to say about these people, and I really just wanted to post some funny things about them since they work so hard for the rest of the crew, so here we go)

I would like to take a blog moment and talk about the people that can make or break a tour, the ones that create a contiguous attitude for the rest of the crew, bad or good.

So here's some random facts about our Production Staff.

I would like to start with our Production Manager.
-The crews go to guy
-Blogs less than once a year
-He uses more cell phone minutes in a week than I use for a whole month!
-He likes taking pictures by the beach.
-Spends 17 hours a day answering emails.
-Chooser of words carefully (this one makes me laugh sometimes)
-Archenemy: The Building Guy

The Tour Manager.
-The Big Cheese
-He also has the second largest road case on the tour.
-Teller of stories. (haha their good stories)
-A Lover/Regreter of spicy foods
-Decider of eatable meals
-Settler of shows
-The final who-ha for hard questions
"And all aroung good guy" As he says for the opener
-Archenemy: The Internet

The Production Assistant.
-Blogs once a year.
-Maker of the Gaff tape arrows
-Picker of the Rooms.
-Dealer of the Comps.
-Listener of the bands wantings
-Poster of the Daily Times
-Archenemy: The printer.
- The Answer giver (to repetitive questions as you can see here are the questions she's asked on a daily bases)

The Stage Manager.
-Doer of everything.
-He who never sits down.
-Runs monitors while answering Emails
-The bands GoTo guy
-Maker of Beef Jerky
-Getter of Snacks during intermission
-Has the most facial hair on the tour
-Big Duke Fan
-Archenemy: Beard trimmer

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