Monday, February 25, 2008

What's in the Crew Room?

Before you think I'm ranting or complaining in todays blog I'm not! Just thought it was funny thats all, don't want people to think that all I do on here is to "rant" that's just not true, (sortof)

So anyway the other day I was blogging about Faygo, and Farns comes in the production office and was like "Culmer you have to take a picture of the snacks in the crew room!", for those of you that don't know, normally we get a variety a snacks, drinks, fruit, just stuff to munch on, and enough for about 30 people. (A side note, the band or tour Mng. don't really know what we get in the crew room, theres a rider that says what we're suppose to get and they don't know unless we tell them that we don't have anything)

Well on this day as you can see in the picture what they gave the crew, four half bags of crackers and A bag of M&M's, haha let me say it again A BAG OF M&M's, and not like a pound of 'em as you can clearly see a small bag (haha).

So I took it upon myself to ration out the M&M's to the crew, and just so you don't think i'm lying here's some pic's of the crew getting their Single that's right One M&M's.
There are a lot of pic's but I wanted to show you just how many of us had to share. To be honest everybody had fun with it, and found it humorous our little situation with the munchies.

I'll be providing the caption, and since its my site the caption is really what their thinking. And if your wondering this is only crew.
"Awe I feel sad, only one? Good thing I've been practicing how to raise one eye brow"

"Seriously? Only one?"
(haha that was after she got two M&M's by accident and I took one and put it back in the bag)

"Is it because I'm a back line tech?" (Yes... haha)

"Ooh candy... I hope all my hair fits in the picture I better duck"

"For me?"

"Yay I got an orange one"

"How many licks does it take to get to the center of plain M&M?"

The Farns
"I found the bag of M&M's and I only get Two!!?"
(I'm sorry that one is cheesy, but there is to much to say about this picture and that face is priceless, and I want to keep it some what PG)

"Am I suppose to eat this? Its so heavy I hope nobody sees that I have to use my other hand to hold up the hand with the M&M
hmmm....if I remember correctly Pi = 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944592"

"I'm going to put my one M&M under my bottom lip"

"I'm going to lick my M&M till it turns brown, the color of poo"
(like a deer in the head lights)

Yul Brynner
(Haha I know its bad but I don't know his name, we 'video guys' call him Yul Brynner)
"Maybe if I balance this on my nose the stupid video guy will remember my name?"

Merch Guy
(Now it's just getting stupid I know, but when I gave this guy an M&M it was the first time I had met him, and he's on our tour)
"I love you Blue M&M, you and me are going to be friends"

"It's melting in my hand!"

"Is this because I played the drums during load in?"
(I'm just playin' Josh, But yea seriously)

"I haven't eatin' days, it taste so good"

"Hey you found my pills! Thanks your OK, oh jeees I wonder where my glasses are?"
(Sorry Shane hate to pull out the old fart jokes, but its funny)

"Don't cry, Don't do it,"
(ok this one is cheesy as well sorry snooch)

"oh boy a M&M"

Merch Guy 2
(Don't hate I really feel bad sortof that I don't know most of the merch guys but yet I make fun of them on here)
"Candy makes me feel happy"

"Heeeeyyyy .haha .... Do I eat the glue or the M&M man?....I think I'll eat the glue! first and then the M&M taste will stay longer cause it'll be stuck"

(I've got nothing)

(Sorry your pic is out of focus Adam, But you shouldn't have eatin' the M&M before I took it)

"HAHAHA if they only new I poured all those pieces into my shoe and rattled it around a little then handed them out"

Now don't go getting mad at me for making some fun at these people, it's all fun and games


randy said...

the first couple of people were looking a little creapy but they seemed to lighten up for a while but the last guy looked like he really did put all the m&ms in his shoe. ha ha ha

Integrity Lighting, inc. said...

Ahhhhhh, I miss being on the road on a Christian tour....Now a days, I have to sleep in my own hotel room, fly on jets, limo's to and from,and I get only 1 color of M&M's of my choice in a bowl at FOH......your so lucky.

Anonymous said...

hmmm...that means I look creepy. Ok...i'll agree. Bummer!

Carter said...

too bad you lost the first batch of M&M photos. I had hours to rethink my pose, and that's the best I could do.