Saturday, March 1, 2008

Crew Room (Again)

Not to complain about the crew rooms all the time, but a couple days ago we were in a building that the only place to actually put the crew was a room that would for the most part would be called a dungeon, that smelled a lot like pee and sweat with a hint of lemon, which could have just been me, but I really don't think so.

And cold! Man was it cold in there, one of the merch guys took a shower, (which he could only get one of the showers to work) and he had created a fog, not joking it was foggy in our crew room, the best part was the heater had broke, but the building was nice enough to put a heater in there for us.
But the bummer was the little heater that could, wasn't as powerful as the 20 degree wind guts coming in the giant hole that is the broken heater. Its days like this that keep you humble, I love it.

On a different note, same venue, the name of the hockey team in the venue is The Erie Otters, I can clearly see what a Otter is? but I didn't know they lived in Erie?
The "O" looks like a Donut with with frosting. mmmmmmmm....................frosting..........

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Anonymous said...

Umm...what about my "clean linen" Glade candle I put in there for you? Hmm?!?! I even paid for it with my own dang money...because I care!