Sunday, March 9, 2008

The 80's Baby!

I have to share these pictures with the internet... This is Shane he's one of the video crew guys out with us, I had heard the rumor that he use to be in a 80's hair band, I couldn't believe it at first, just by the look of 'em now..(haha) So I had to find out for my self, so I started prying into Shane's past asking stories about the old days, (when the use to get to shows in horse carriages) and come to find out, well you just have to see for your self just scroll down a little further these pictures are awesome!
This is today Shane.

I'm mean seriously? "Rockstar" (in a good way) am I not right? He was the lead singer of 2 different bands that I know of, and a good singer at that, he's won awards based on his vocal chords. But oh does it get better keep going..

(hahahahahah) That's what I'm talking about it (the next picture), if that doesn't say 80's Hair I don't know what does, I mean how do you get your hair to do that? and is the guy on the far right even wearing pants at all? NO but seriously scroll back up to the top and take a look at a photo taken not to long ago and then back to this photo its amazing.. he hasn't aged at all, I'll wait go a head............................................
I think its just awesome, I love this picture, the history, the look, the hair, the fact that I had to blur out the guy at the end his pants. If more bands tried as hard as band guys in the 80's did to manage their hair, and look the part then we would have real rockstars today.?.!?

Thanks for sharing these with me Shane...Cheers bro.
And thanks for all the time you spent managing your hair.


randy said...

I cant believe those guys would wear that. ha ha ha. I find it amazing that guys in bands have pushed the limits way too far. And come to find out they've been doing it for a long time.

Im with you about the guy on the right. Is he even wearing pants?

Here's Where I Type Stuff said...

WOW! When those pictures were taken, I could only wish I was Shane. Props, Brother!!

DEVON said...

I was a shane waldsmith groupie in the 80's and let me tell you he was a hottie, girls in az loved him ROCK ON SHANE

Your #1 Fan Devon Braun

devon braun said...

I was a Shane Waldsmith groupie in the 80's and shane was a total hottie all the girls in az loved him ROCK ON SHANE

your #1 fan devon braun